About essential tremor.

A snapshot of life with essential tremor.1,2,3

From something as simple as sipping a glass of water to driving the kids to school, essential tremor can impact your life in ways you never expected. Essential tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic shaking of any part of the body. The hands are most commonly affected; however, the head, voice, legs, and trunk (i.e., chest, back, shoulders, and abdomen) can experience tremors as well. Individuals living with this condition typically experience tremors while performing activities such as eating, drinking, writing, typing, and brushing teeth – making it difficult to complete everyday tasks. It is estimated that less than 60% of people with essential tremor are helped by approved medications.

Research is underway on an investigational drug to see if it may reduce these tremors, and you may be able to take part.

See if you may be eligible
Someone holding their phone and the focus is zoomed in on their hands since essential tremor often effects the hands.
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Accessed 24 January 2022